Film Facade Systems

Film-Facade-Systems make it possible to shade a large-scale glazed surface without dividing it into smaller sub-sections. To achieve this, we take individual sheets of film and use ultrasound welding technology to connect elements up to 3 metres wide by 6 metres high

The Task

  • Glare- and sun-control for large glazed areas
  • No splitting into small individual sun blinds
  • Discreet integration of the mechanical equipment and metal shapes into the façade structure
  • Harmonious exterior view of the sun-control system
  • Unhindered view to the world outside

The Solution

  • Film-Façade-Systems – the ideal glare control for large glass façade elements
  • Very good sunshade: g-value of 12 % (film type SiAt012 plus solar glass)
  • One Film-Façade-System instead of several single roller blinds
  • Film-Façade-Systems with MULTIWAVE®-pleated film sheets
  • Homogenous appearance of the façade due to mildly convex pleating
  • High surface stability without crinkling of large film sheets